Join us to create a beautiful world for our children and women

Being a member of the DN Acharya Foundation is a unique opportunity to explore your creativity, knowledge, experiences, talents to work for the welfare of the children and women, in a friendly and learning environment. Everyone who works with DNA has a role of its own for the development of children and women in shaping their life and fulfilling their dreams. You too can make a difference and an important personal and commitment to the people in your community and around India to work for the better development of child, enjoying their rights and women for the betterment of the society. Would you like to be a part of us? We would love to have you.

You can join us by :
  • Becoming a life member of DN Acharya Foundationon invitation (membership fee Rs.10, 000).
  • Paying Rs.1000 and become a friend of DN Acharya Foundation(your money will be spent for Child Welfare and women empowerment)
  • You can join as a volunteer to our various programs, workshops in Assam & North East.
  • Individuals & clubs to offer voluntary service during our programme and certificates to be given
  • Sponsoring/adopting a child by agreeing to sponsor his/her education or other basic needs fully or partially (cheques and drafts can be paid directly to the DN Acharya Foundation.
If you are interested please contact:

Mr. Debajit Bora, Secretary DN Acharya Foundation.
Krishna Magnum Opera Tower 1(3rd floor),
Zoo Road Tiniali, R.G.Baruah Road, Guwahati-781021, Assam
Mob: 9085041300
Facebook Page: