Our Endeavour & Mission

DN Acharya Foundation endeavours to touch the lives of children and women by creating a safety net for them and in this mission we welcome with open arms into compassionate, empathetic, creative individuals who are willing to devote their time and effort to make a difference, to be part of the DNA family.

  • Advancement and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of school and other educational institutions more particularly in rural and backward areas.
  • To make provisions to advance the cause of , and impart Nursery , Primary, Secondary, Higher, Commercial, Industrial, Technical, Vocational, Physical and all or any other type or kind of education.
  • To establish, maintain, take over management, administer or run any institution, colleges engaged in the imparting of education to students up to any level that may be found necessary and/ or desirable.
  • To organize cultural programs to promote the spirit of preservation of cultural values in the society.
  • To take up issues related to under privileged women, their social status in society and the likes.
  • To publish the literary work of Late Debendra Nath Acharya and other genuine authors.
  • To particulate in various civic, literary and socio cultural activities.
  • To rehabilitate people who are victims of drug, alcohol abuse etc.
  • To work toward issues related to children rights, anti-social labour, and child trafficking.
  • To establish orphanages, old age home, women center for betterment of children, old people and women and to render help and support to people suffering from mental health problems etc